Powwow Dancers

Each summer, thousands of Native American peoples across the country celebrate their connections to tradition and spirituality, to the Earth and to one another, in a social, personal and spiritual meeting: the PowWow. For many, these gatherings are an integral component of the Native American existence. More than an homage to a great ancestry, the Powwow is an event of contemporary significance for the individuals and communities making up the hundreds of Native American nations. 

The dances at Powwows have a strong personal and spiritual dimension. There are many different stories and interpretations for each dance, depending on tribal and family background. While they may differ in facts, they are all considered true...for truth can exist in many forms."  *

Leonard Paul draws on his First Nation's background and experiences and his images elicit a depth of emotion and spirituality while capturing the colour and energy of Powwow.

 *  Adapted from KTCA